Психологічний стан та психічне здоров’я під час військових дій є вкрай важливим. Ми збираємо дієві поради псхологів та контакти фахівців які допамагають триматися у ці непрості часи
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How to keep close

During critical situations, relationships with loved ones are severely tested. Try to maintain relationships and help your loved ones, because it increases your ability to survive and resist, as well as gives meaning to your actions.

direct negative emotions that arise, not at loved ones, but at the external enemy

load yourself with work, helping others

give vent to emotions; shout, sing, cry

move, dance, warm up, walk


keep in touch, ask how things are, call and write

offer your help

prepare a meal together and eat slowly

keep the rituals of peaceful life as much as possible in the current conditions: read books, set the table, organize a joint tea party