Психологічний стан та психічне здоров’я під час військових дій є вкрай важливим. Ми збираємо дієві поради псхологів та контакти фахівців які допамагають триматися у ці непрості часи
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How to deal with

Acute attacks of panic and anxiety are usually followed by feelings of apathy. Such periods may not be long, but they also need to be worked through. It is important to remember that apathy is a natural "chemical" setback after a surge of stress hormones.

Methods of overcoming apathy:


take action; perform any simple actions and do not try to analyze them

follow a daily routine; regular meals, hygiene, warm-up

do something with your hands; for example, wash dishes, pack things, weave a net

plan your tasks for the day; let them be few, but try to do them anyway (if possible)

limit access to information; news reading should be limited to a few short periods per day

involve relatives and friends in joint work